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The Culture Of Messenger Bags II

The Culture Of Messenger Bags 2nd Edition

The Culture Of Messenger Bags 2nd Edition is the continuation of the world of courier bags shown through photographs. I always get excited when I see a handcrafted custom messenger bag or a messenger bag decorated by the individual using the bag. In both scenarios, the bag has it's purpose. Whether it is for courier work, a prize championship bag, or for personal street fashion aesthetic. The bags are photographed as I saw them at many messenger events and by happenstance encounters. Bag makers in this 2nd edition are Reload Bags, Chrome Industries, Timbuk 2, Bag Jack, Mer Bags, Ortlieb Waterproof, Blahol, Bagaboo, Zodiac Baggage, Trash Messenger Bags, Push The Envelope, Crank Tokyo, Zo Bags and more. You will see my love of messenger bags as well as others in this 2nd Edition.

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