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Fresh Plywood NYC

Aerosol Art Culture Jacket

In "Fresh Plywood" are photographic images of plywood that at first were blank and used to protect against protesters or some would say looters - destroying retail storefronts in New York City richest retail districts. As an African American independent courier I was very familiar with these upscale retail shops because I provided pick and up delivery services to them. So to see 3 miles of retail shops with plywood on them I knew it was a historic moment onto itself. Nevertheless the first few days of protests against Police Brutality and the political redress that was pushed by the Black Lives Matter movement.

With the retail shops glass windows being covered up with fresh plywood because of the previous days of large mass protests and looting the plywood was spray painted with derogatory remarks and profanity towards police. Out of this moment in the city artists rose up to paint murals and positive messages of respect and remembrance on the plywood for those African Americans killed by Police Brutality. Most of these African Americans committed no major crime and violent force was unnecessary.

The murals on plywood brought new light and hope to a city suffering from Covid-19 pandemic and now must face the aftermath of America's racist police system that citizens in New York City and around the world will not allow to be covered up any more. The artists that rose up that are exhibited in this book are a testament to the belief in Freedom in America that must be administered for all it's people.

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