Kurt Boone sitting on a ledge


  • Kurt Boone has been a marketing consultant for over 14 years.  Boone Marketing Company is
    the holding entity for all his consulting assignments. He specializes in book publishing and short and feature film sales.  In addition to general marketing that can be apply to many industries.

    His current and past clients include Just Us Books, QBR, Milestone Media, Confetti Entertainment Company, Big Apple Enterprises, H.Kennedy Farms, Bob Gore Productions,
    C and I Collectibles, A&B Book Distributors and Avon Products.

    H. Kennedy Farms
    Worked on developing a marketing campaign to promote the farm legacy through developing a trademark logo design, a merchandising campaign, a packaging food program and brand development. Website: www.hkennedyfarms.com

    Bob Gore Productions, Inc.
    Performed consulting services to Bob Gore Productions, Inc. for the development of custom books and to evaluate the market to sell those books. Website: www.bobgore.smugmug.com

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