Inside Grand Central Terminal

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"Inside Grand Central Terminal" is a short memoir and photo essay about a messenger who rides the New York City Subway.

This is a unique story written by Kurt Boone - with photography by John Sarsgard - a veteran messenger who rode all 22 major subway lines in a week picking up and delivering critical documents and packages to businesses in New York City.  The story is a series of full-page black and white photographic images of the Terminal - with Kurt's experience and thoughts about them - during a time that Mr. Boone used Grand Central Terminal as his main location to expedite pick-up and delivery of documents.  At Grand Central Terminal, the subway trains run every few minutes.

Kurt Boone has been a foot messenger in New York City for over 10 years. A designer and marketing professional, he founded two small businesses - Boone Marketing Company, a sales representative group and Messenger 841, a streetwear design firm.  An accomplished poet with over 300 poems to his credit, Boone was considered for the Yale Younger Poet Series.  His first book of poetry, "Looking For Myself" was published by Dorrance Publishing Company in 1996.  He lives in Cambria Heights, NY.

John Sarsgard is a Connecticut-based documentary and portrait photographer whose work explores the connection between people and place.  His first solo exhibition, Grand Central Portraits: People in a New Town Square, was on view at the Municipal Art Society of New York in 2006.  He lives in Easton, CT.  

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