New York Alleycats

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"New York Alleycats" chronicles - in 57 vibrant color and black & white photographs by Amy Bolger - the world-famous New York City bicycle messengers who race each other in events called Alleycats.  A former bicycle messenger herself, Amy Bolger captures these messengers in stunning photographs with text provided by Kurt Boone and Kevin Bolger, both veteran messengers. 

"Alleycats are wild," says Amy. "..[they're] bicycle races organized by messengers, they're set in live traffic.  The course emulates messenger worked with checkpoints and a manifest.  When I first started racing, I was drawn to the community and camaraderie.  We were competing against each other and look out for one another at the same time.  I met some of the fastest and toughest messengers in one of the most hard-edged cities in the world, and they became my friends and family.

Interspered with illustrations by messenger Greg Ugalde, "New York Alleycats" is explosive, exciting and perfectly captures the events and riders.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Amy Bolger is a free-lance photographer working in New York City.  After receiving her BFA in Brooklyn, Amy started photographing urban cycling and messenger life.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Kevin Bolger has been a bicycle messenger for over 13 years and is a 2006 Marcus Cook Award winner.  Kevin is also an event producer.  He currently rides for New York Minute.

Kurt Boone has been a foot messenger in New York City for over 10 years.  A designer and marketing professional, he founded two small business - Boone Marketing Company, a sales representative group and Messenger 841 a streetwear design firm.  An accomplished poet with over 300 poems to his credit.  Boone was considered for the Yale Younger Poet Series.  His first book of poetry "Looking For Myself" was published by Dorrance Publishing Company in 1996. He lives in Cambria Heights, NY

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