On The Subway

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"On The Subway" is a book of poetry written by Kurt Boone - a New York City messenger - while riding on MTA, the largest subway system in North America.  As a messenger, Kurt rode all 22 major subway lines every week. While on the subway, he wrote original poems to pass the time and to record his thoughts.  "On The Subway" is an adventure into the world of a subway rider.

Kurt Boone first book of poetry "Looking For Myself" was published in 1996 by Dorrance Publishing Company.  He been a foot messenger for over 12 years and currently works for Mobile Parcel Carriers. He written two books about messenger life in New York City entitle "Inside Grand Central Terminal" and a co-author of "New York Alleycats" photography by Amy Bolger. He is also the founder of two small businesses, Messenger 841 Project a streetwear design firm and Boone Marketing Company a sales representative group. 

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