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Aerosol Art Culture

Aerosol Art Culture Jacket

Aerosol Art Culture is a photo book showcasing my images from my two visits to the Graffiti Hall Of Fame annual event in the summer of 2018 and 2019. The starry history of the pioneering aerosol artists who have painted at the event are major influencers in the growth and recognition of this art form. In the book are photographs of artists at worked Cope 2, Wane Cod, and Meresone are just a few of the artists featured. An interview with James Top, the current curator at the Graffiti Hall Of Fame, is included in the book. There are also photographs of people from the Hip Hop community who attend and participate in the event. Aerosol Art Culture is a photographic sketch of a curated experience at the Graffiti Hall Of Fame that celebrates an art form that is now a global phenomenon and a billion-dollar industry onto itself.

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