Kurt Boone sitting on a ledge

About Kurt Boone Books

Kurt Boone Books was started in 2009 to bring all of Kurt Boone book projects under one company.  Kurt Boone the founder of Kurt Boone Books has been writing over 30 years producing over 7 books.  Kurt Boone has also provided marketing consulting services to publishing industry professionals.

One of Kurt Boone publication "New York Alleycats" photography by Amy Bolger is a ground breaking photo book about street bicycle racing in New York City.  That has influence the worldwide fixed gear bicycle culture craze.

In addition Kurt Boone Books are the basis of a number of film projects, "Courier Streets" a documentary film base on "Asphalt Warrior" a forthcoming memoir by Kurt Boone, "Messenger Poet" a short documentary film series base on the book "Messenger Poet" by Kurt Boone and Greg Ugalde and "The Foot Messenger" a documentary film base off of Kurt Boone experiences as a foot messenger in New York City.

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